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Entry #1

Thanks for the warm reception.

2013-05-31 03:09:32 by TastesLikeAnya

I have to admit, I don't know much about Newgrounds yet, but so far I really like it.

I unfortunately didn't have time to respond to all the comments I got on FTAP, but I read each one and I really appreciate all of them. I recently started pre-production for my next film, The Wanderer, so I look forward to showing you that after it makes its festival run.


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2013-05-31 03:33:33

Sounds cool! Looking forward to seeing some sneak peeks! c:


2013-05-31 03:50:34

That flash is amazing! I am happy to hear that we will see more animations from you in the future :)


2013-05-31 04:04:11

Hope to see more animations in the future :3


2013-05-31 04:53:12

im surprised more people havent followed you already, you are an amazing animator, welcome to NG! I'm a musician here (and a little voice acting). I look forward to seeing more of your work :D


2013-05-31 06:30:38

Hey! This is Kajenx from DeviantART. :D I'm glad you decided to post on here. I had a little jump of excitement when I saw you got front page. :3


2013-05-31 07:57:13

Not bad, much better than what usually makes it to the front page.


2013-05-31 12:11:16

Well, I'm officially a fan. Your work is solid! I'm looking forward to seeing your next film.


2013-05-31 17:52:13

Stumbled on to FTAP on youtube a few months back, glad to see it made its way to Newgrounds!

Can't wait to see more from you, and welcome to Newgrounds!


2013-05-31 19:41:22

I'm a new fan! That was very good work. I look forward to seeing more. I think you're pretty cool.


2013-06-03 05:38:11

I like your animations welcome to newgrounds


2013-06-03 06:06:02

I LOVED Fire Tiger vs. Acide Panther! Thought it was one that finally stood out of the bunch of stuff we get on the frontpage these times! (yeah, you can see I'm kinda sceptical about animations these days... it's kinda repetitive most of the time. I have the impression that I see nothing really new, just reused -vu stuff. Half (actually more) of the stuff that are right now on the frontpage made me quit before even reaching 1 min or so, unfortunately...).
Yours was very refreshing IMO ! Quality animation.
Important question : how long did it take you to make Fire Tiger vs. Acid Panther?

TastesLikeAnya responds:

Thanks very much!

I spent two years on pre-production and 4 months on animation.


2013-06-04 02:06:19

Nice we are all waiting to see what you drop here also. Keep up the great work.


2013-06-05 04:51:16

Hey ! i saw your work on deviantart , U R amazing !


2013-06-06 23:59:46

Impressive work, so creative and fun! You've got a friend/fan in me for sure! Following you now!


2013-06-07 13:56:00

Some of the best work I have seen on newgrounds in a while and I have been on here for quite some time now. Cant wait to see what else you bring to the newgrounds table and keep up the excellent work.


2013-06-08 15:14:59

I know you have 193 fans now but me and Asandir were your first two. We will serve as the hipsters of your fanbase.


2014-01-25 12:56:16

Fantastic animation, I was absolutely blown away. One question, what software do you animate with?


2014-05-08 03:24:00

I do love what you've done so far, and I'm not sure why you haven't got so many commenters. Anyway, I hope I get to see more of what you might make.